Act 46

Books 1Act 46, an act passed in 2015, is intended to reduce education costs and enhance  student opportunities in Vermont through a more sustainable governance model that encourages school district consolidation. Under Act 46, each town is viewed initially as an individual district. Tax incentives are offered by the State of Vermont to districts that voluntarily merge

Kingdom East Governance Study Committee

Last spring the Caledonia North Supervisory Union and the Essex Caledonia           Supervisory Union engaged in studies around Act 46. Each individual school board agreed to further study their role in relation to Act 46. Members of each school board have appointed folks to a committee called the Kingdom East Governance Study   Committee.


The committee goal is to explore the governance of the school districts serving Burke, Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Newark, Sutton, and Union District #37 (Millers Run: Sheffield and Wheelock). This fall the committee is reviewing possible articles of   agreement that could potentially come to the citizens for a vote on Town Meeting Day, March 2017.

 We encourage you to become involved in this important process!

Committee Activities

The study committee has considered educational programs, financial data, tax       implications, and other factors of becoming one unified school district. From this information they are creating draft Articles of Agreement.

Articles of Agreement

The Articles of Agreement by law guide the unification process into a new school district that would cover the schools and public education in the towns of Burke,  Concord, Lunenburg, Lyndon, Newark, Sutton, and Union District #37 (Millers Run: Sheffield & Wheelock).

Act 46 Local Impact

Act 46 creates a multi-year process that provides tax incentives for communities that     voluntarily merge into unified governance models. Districts that do not pursue or achieve a voluntary merger must evaluate their ability to meet or exceed State goals and make proposals to the State Board.

In 2018 the Vermont Secretary of Education will develop a proposal and the State Board will issue a final statewide design that realigns unmerged districts into sustainable models of governance that meet State goals. By being proactive, the Kingdom East Governance Study Committee seeks to assess the unification options and work to create a model for voter consideration that unifies our school governance, increases educational opportunities for all students, and meets the educational needs of our individual communities.

 Kingdom East Committee Goals

  • Encourage and support our local decisions that provide substantial equity in the quality, variety of educational opportunities.
  • Lead students to achieve/exceed Education Quality Standards.
  • Maximize operational efficiencies, increase flexibility to manage, share, and transfer resources.
  • Ensure transparency and accountability.
  • Demonstrate a cost that parents, voters, and taxpayers value.

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Additional information about Act 46 can be found on the Vermont Department of Education website at http://education.vermont.gov/laws/2015/act-46.



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